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Wednesday, May 14, 2008 Y 12:42 AM

Go skul pernormal..
Den reached skul bus stop geraldine waiit 4 mi...
Den wen to the classroom e classroom log again ;
den we wen dwn 2 de parade square den bell ring liiaos we go sit dwn..
After tat go bac classroom wait 4 teacher cum in..
Gt bac sum of de result..quite gd..
Bt iie tiink eng onni ba... ) :
After recess wen bac 2 classroom ;
den suddenly man luo && geraldine quarrel again..
Geraldine ask man luo hw 2 spell bastard??
Den man luo spell as busted-.-'
'she aso made mi veri gong,
geraldine ask mi hw 2 spell den i aso spell as BUSTED..
LOLS..Atfer tat waiit 4 ms yap bout 1hr +?
.so damn long lorhx..In the end she nvr cum.
.Geraldine && mii whisperin den we caught tokin ;
by the IDOIT rizal..
Den he go write geraldine && my name iin de diary..
WA LAO..Boiis tokin,
shoutin nvr write their name write ours..
Haiis betta nt write so much ltr i gett moe angry
..SUCKERS!! C ya den..

Monday, May 12, 2008 Y 7:08 PM

2dae go skul pernormal ;
den i saw man luo cumin dwn frm e bus den i wait fur herr!.
den reach sch liao saw xiu zhen iie ask her geraldine gt cum a nt..?
She said she msg her she nvr reply her bac..
Den iie noe she confirm nvr go skul liiao!!

Haiis..2dae chinese exam quite easy lahh..
Atfer exAm den straight away go hme lorhx!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008 Y 8:03 PM

Long time nvr post le cuz ii lan de post.
.Hm.2dae go skul pernormal bt went home early ;
cuz we hav exam frm 2nd may to 15 may..SIANZ!!
Bt gd sia cn go hme early nt lyk primry skul.
After tat go hme play maple..
Plae untiil muai bro cum bac..
den let hiim plae.. i gd rite??i noe!.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008 Y 11:59 PM

ellos!!Long time nvr post liao...2dae i take taxi tu sch..WTF lorhx!!!Cost mwe $$6.20..Den reached classroom liao,joanna keep emoing!!BTW nw emo izzit veri popular??After sch, BESTIE && iie go dawson buy waffle agaiin!!hahas(: After tat go home liao..NTh much 2 sae liao!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008 Y 11:38 PM

WTH lor!!
2dae geraldine nvr go sch.
.i msg her she nvr reply miie..sobbs!!
She should b overslept again..LOLS!!
Den 2dae ii keep laughin wen iis math lesson...
Bcuz of joanna lah..
Her actions iis damn funni lorhx..
Den she keep saein shimin enuff lahh!!Haiss.!!
She cnnt take jokes dee lahs...
Den after skul went dawson wif xiu zhen 2 buy waffle
..yummy(:After ttat we went hme lors..

Wednesday, April 23, 2008 Y 12:17 AM

2dae as usual go tu sch,
den meet geraldine n man luo at the bus stop..
WTF lorhx!!!
Ms yap change our sitting arrangement AGAIN!!
Den actually i register 2 derhx,den ms yap sae geraldine register 2.!!=.="
Bt nvm..At least cn sit wif geraldine mahhs(:NTH tu sae le..

Shiimin (:

Monday, April 21, 2008 Y 2:12 AM

SIANZ..!!Todae as usual wake up at 6 am...After tat reach sch de bus stop wait furr geraldine..When eng lesson man luo use the textbk accidently hit dillon head, she sae she nvr hit his head..If she gt yy dun she admit..?Cn juz sae sry && go wadd..After eng iis math..Mr Tham giv us a class test..It's so damn difficult lorhx..After math test, i ask her hw's the math test she sae she no mood do the math test..ii was lyk WTF..?Lyk tat no mood do test cuz of tat tinig?...ii am juz wonderin yy always man luo so care wad dillon sae arhhxx..!!?Can't she juz ignore wad he sae..?After sch i cal man luo && xiu zhen to go Bukit Merah eat den xiu zhen ok man luo sae wanna go home sleep..In the end xiu zhen sae man luo wanna go meet her kor..=.=Haiss!~bo bian lahz..Bt stil geraldine gt go wif mi..(:



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